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Real Book Source

Mega Virtual Office - The Ultimate Office Assistant

Mega Virtual Office is the online information resource for your office needs. Mega Virtual Office combines both outside searches and community resources into one easly managable custom format. You can start with your own personalized online organizer and continue with your online translator and online encyclopedia.

1. Realty Store - Visit the largest selection of real estate marketing tools, supplies and services offered anywhere in the world at the Mega Realty Store.
[Click Here To Shop At The Realty Store]
Monster Domain - Register your domain name and use our many web tools.
[Click Here for Monster Domain]
Mega Organizer - Get your own free Calendar, Address Book, Notepad, and To Do List for free right now. You can fill it with your information and access it through Mega Virtual Office anytime anywhere!
[Click Here and Get Organized!]
Driving Instructions and Maps - Need to go somewhere but don't know how to get there? Use this great tool to find directions and maps by Mega Driving.
[Click Here For Directions]
E-Mail - Get a free e-mail account from RealMega Mail.
[Click Here To Get Your Free E-Mail Account Now!]
Flash Web Page - Get a free flash web page from RealMega Pages.
[Click Here To Get Your Free Flash Web Page]
Web Journal / Blog - Get your own free Blog page with MegaBlogPage.com.
[Click Here to Blog]
Real Profiles - Directory of agents from all over North America.
[Click Here to Search]
Mega Toolbars - Install our Mega Toolbar and have the ease of our site at the tip of your mouse!
[Click Here For More Info]
Forums - Post in our forums and let your voice be heard.
[Click Here For Our Forums]
Links - Post your  link  on our  Mega Link Page.
[Click Here For Links]
Buyer / Seller Multimedia - Visit our  informative multimedia  presentation  designed specifically for the buyer and seller.
[Click Here To View]
Sellers Information - Useful information for Sellers.
[Click Here For Information]
Buyers Information - Useful information for Buyers.
[Click Here For Information]
Home Responder - FREE Expert Real Estate Information and Reports.
[Click Here To View]
Featured Articles - Freatured Articles.
[Click Here To View]
This Day in History - View historical information from this day in history.
[Click Here To View]
Travel Reservations - Book Flights and Hotels with Mega Travel!
[Click Here For Travel Information]
Regain Your Credit - Information on rebuilding your credit.
[Click Here For Infomation]
Forms - Use our forms as a guideline for your documents, provided by Mega Virtual Forms.
[Click Here For Forms]
CMA- Need to find some quick comparable sales information for a property, the Real CMA feature covers most markets.
[Click Here For Comparable Information]
22. Mega Factor Newsletters - Choose from 12 real estate related newsletters.
[Click Here View Newsletters]
23. Language Translator - This is a great tool to translate several of the most commonly used languages.
[Click Here Translate]
24. Power Quotation - Need a quick quotation for a presentation or speech. Find it at Power Quotation.
[Click Here For Quotations]
25. Mega Finance Course - 101 Ways To Mega Manage Your Finances. Check out our Mega Interactive Course on how to manage your money effectively.
[Click Here To Take The Free Course]
26. Weather Forecast - Find the quick 5 day forecast for your zip code or internationally with the Mega Forecast.
[Click Here For Your Weather Forecast]
27. Real Estate Calculators - Use our 12 step calculating system to help your buyers with their next home purchase.
[Click Here For The Calculating System]
28. Real Converters - The Real Converter will do currency conversions, or provide quick conversions for distance, weight and volume.
[Click Here To Convert]
29. Real Estate Cartoons - Put a smile on your face with Real Laughs!
[Click Here To Laugh]
30. Financial Information - Find out what the markets are doing today or make your own custom portfolio with Mega Financials.
[Click Here For Financial Information]
31. Property Search - Search the major US and Canadian MLS property databases with Mega DB.
[Click Here To Begin Property Search]
32. Neighborhood Find - Search our database for National and County statistics from Neighborhood Find.
[Click Here For Neighborhood Information]
33. Real Estate Books - Visit our bookstore catering to real estate, personal finance and other related topics at the Real Book Source.
[Click Here For Real Estate Books]
Mega School Search - Search for schools within the United States.
[Click Here To Search]
Postal & Zip Code Search - Find  State and Postal abbreviations and zip code search and general postal information at Real Zipcode.
[Click Here To Begin Postal Search]
Goverment Search - Need to locate or write an e-mail to your local, state or national representative? Find them at  Mega Voter.
[Click Here To Locate Your Representitive]
Glossaries - Locate any term from our real estate, construction, lender, stock, personal finance or marketing glossaries.
[Click Here To Search Glossaries]
Home Designer - Use our quick and easy floor plan designer from you desktop using Real Blueprint.
[Click Here To Make A Floor Plan]
39. World Time - Make sure you know what time it is before you make your call. Get the correct international time from Mega Virtual Office.
[Click Here To Get World Time]
40. Spell Check - Unsure of a spelling of a particular word? Before sending out your letter or document correct it with the Mega Virtual Office spell checker.
[Click Here To Spell Check]
41. Dictionary Search / Thesaraus Search - Our online Dictionary and Thesaraus search provided by Merriam-Webster.
[Click Here to Search]
42. Answers - Ask A Question, Get An Answer.
[Click Here]
43. Encyclopedia Search - Our online encyclopedia search provided by encyclopedia.com.
[Click Here to Search]
44. Real Estate Column - The nationally syndicated column, "Let's Talk About Real Estate" written by Thomas Ervin.
[Click Here]
45. Hand Powered Clock - See this great little tool where the time is written by hand right on your computer screen!
[Click Here]
46. World Time Ticker - View the time from all around the world.
[Click Here]
47. Precious Metals - View the current prices of major precious metals.
[Click Here]
48. Photo Connects - Post your photos online for free.
[Click Here]
49. Mega Greetings - Send out many different kinds of virtual cards.
[Click Here]
50. Mega Directory - Find phone numbers and addresses worldwide.
[Click Here]
51. Real Home Tips - View Hundreds Of Home Maintenance Tips.
[Click Here]
52. Overton Factor - Real Estate News and Information.
[Click Here]
53. Mega World Radio - Free Online Radio Stations From Around The World.
[Click Here]
54. Mega Net Tools - Check out our list of internet tools that we have compiled for your use.
[Click Here]

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Real Laughs Newsletter
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Mega Source Shopping
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Real Profiles - Real Estate Agent Directory
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Mega Fun Zone
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Buyer / Seller MultiMedia Presentation
Buyer and Seller MultimediaBuyers and Sellers we have put together this multi-media presentation for you to watch and interact with. It gives you some great tips whether or not your are buying or selling a home. Click Here To View

Mega Finance Course
Take The Mega Finance Course101 Ways To Mega Manage Your Finances. Check out our Mega Interactive Course on how to manage your money effectively.
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